The perfect bohemian (beach) house

Throughout the past couple of years, I’ve fallen in love with bohemian style and decoration. Aztec prints, shabby rugs, wicker chair, bright colours of the sunrise and houseplants scattered around the house in rattan baskets and natural pots. I’ve become obsessed with buying new things for my room and redecorating my walls and interior, making it feel more luminous and airy, yet lively. Things like string lights, countless Buddha statues, candles that I never lit because they were too expensive, botanical prints and basically anything made out of bamboo have become my go to, and the reason I spend so much money, just to make my room look like an Urban Outfitters catalog.


What I love about bohemian interior is, that it makes you feel like you’re living in a beach house, no matter what season it is. It brings energy to the every-day life in form of warm colours used on cushions, decorations, and lush plants, giving me the right boost of energy to start my day. It also reminds me of long summer days spent sleeping in a salt-white sand, next to the sea where electric blue and luminously turquoise mix together in the most breathtaking ways. The stunning colours of sea-shells and corals, palm trees waving in the air and bleached logs washed ashore. For me, there is a story behind my love for beach houses and dreamy bohemian hideouts and I try as hard as I can to bring it to life in my own personal space.

I’ve decided to put together my sources of inspiration, in case you are a nomad too, or simply love bohemian design and want to bring more energy into your interior. I will start with the bedroom and in the next posts, I will work my way around the whole house.

The perfect boho bed is usually low platform and often doesn’t have any frame. It makes sleeping comfortable, but also interesting and similiar to the way of sleeping in Morocco and other African countries; on a mattress/cushions under the stars. However, even if your bed isn’t set directly on the floor, you can jazz it up with funky pillows and throws to make it look more beach housey.



Frames and bedside tables should be of one tint or completely white. Don’t go too crazy at complicated styles and colours, minimalism is a safe bet. Incorporating bamboo features or rattan and wicker will make your room look even more natural. And that’s exactly what we want.

Rugs are the centrepiece of your room and therefore they must express a romantic relationship between comfort and effortless style. Think Aztec prints, combinations of three main colours of your choice or one-coloured rugs, preferably in cream, light-grey or mustard. Tassels at the end are a bonus. My wish rug, similar to the one on the second pic costs around 300$ and I’ve been desperately searching for its copy all over the web, unfortunately without a single bit of luck.  Moroccan rugs are the dream and also a reason why I really want to travel to this vibrant country.



Decorations I personally love in my room are shelves and drawers, each carrying at least one house plant and a funky candle, for example a golden elephant or a metal lantern. I also have a little stool dedicated to my green friends, candles, and little Buddhas. Well, the Buddhas are pretty much everywhere in my house.


Walls look the best with shelves in light wood, covered inbotanical prints, paintings or my ultimate favourite; hanging plants. You can also create your own decorations with white cotton strings and logs found in a local park or woods. Have a look at Etsy for more ideas if your creativity levels aren’t flowing. I love that bohemian style is really effortless and you can be super creative with materials. Use old barrels, boxes from wine and pallets to create chic furniture or hand paint out-dated pieces and make them into something completely new.


A great way of adding a romantic boho touch to your room is getting a white, see-through curtain or a net around your bed and throwing some pillows and fuzzy blanket throws on it too. You will look like a princess and learn what ultimate softness feels like. Mirrors in shapes of moons and suns, reading armchairs, wire laundry baskets or floor cushions, there are so many things you can choose from and create your own unique style. IKEA has recently launched a new ‘natural collection’ and Tiger always has interesting and wallet-friendly home decorations on offer.

Whether you fancy bright, white interior or wood and rattan finishes and accessories, don’t forget that a lot of natural light and houseplants are essential to keep your room lively and chic at the same time. Don’t overflow your house with decorations and make it look tidy and airy. For more inspiration, here are some accounts worth following: JungalowBohemian decor and Urban Jungle blog.


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