Morning rituals

5km run, 45-minute meditation, poached eggs with avo on toast and coffee with a sunrise.

No, most people’s mornings don’t look like this. A lot of us actually hate mornings, don’t eat breakfast, drink crappy coffee and the first thing we do is smoke a cigarette for an empty stomach. Not to mention how many people dread waking up. Something as great as the beginning of another day should be a ritual, the greeting of the sun and the “thank you” for being able to be on this planet for another day. It should prepare you for the day ahead, not make you feel miserable and grumpy.

I became a morning person approximately one year ago when I decided to start living a more healthy lifestyle. I got used to having a daily routine and to being busy, so waking up early and going to sleep at a reasonable time came hand in hand. Ever since I started with morning rituals, I can’t wait to wake up and begin my day. Breakfast became my favourite meal of the day and I could now literally live of breakfast bowls and brunches. Mornings are also super fascinating because everyone has their own way of waking up and starting their day. You can notice it if you live with someone else, how different their energy is to yours in the morning and why.

Having a morning ritual has beneficial effects on your body and mind.  In those early hours, you rediscover productivity, find and absorb all the energy you can and get ready for a busy day ahead. It’s crucial to do these rituals daily, so your body and mind will get used to them and accept them as a part of the every-day life. In a few simple habits, you can turn your life for the better and fall in love with every single day, starting fresh, clean and with positive thoughts.

Here are my morning rituals which make my life healthier and my mind more peaceful:

  1. Green tea


I start every day with a cup of green tea. This is my most important habit and I feel bad if I need to skip it for any reason. Because I’m a big coffee lover, I used to drink coffee first thing after waking up, but thanks to my health-conscious dad I found out it’s not beneficial for you, as in the morning you should be full of energy from the sleep and therefore it doesn’t have any effect on you. For those who can’t poop without a cup of coffee in the morning, green tea works the same magic.

My fav: Pukka Green collection or Tea pigs Mao Feng

2. Breakfast


If you’ve ever been told that breakfast is the most important part of the day, it wasn’t a lie. I can’t imagine starting my day without a warm bowl of porridge or yogurt with fruit and cereal. When I’m going to the gym in the morning and I have some extra time I make 3 ingredient protein pancakes and top them with fruit and yogurt. My breakfasts are the reason I’m usually late to class because I love them oh so much! Honestly, if you’re not eating breakfast you’re missing out on some extra pleasures.

Pro tip: If you don’t have time to make breakfast in the morning, prepare an overnight bircher musli pot. Just mix a cup of oats/musli with nuts, chia and other seeds with one cup of plant milk and half a cup of fruit juice with shredded apple/canned peaches, mix well and leave in the fridge overnight. This is also great on the go- just put it in a reusable jar/container.

3. Chill tunes


I got used to playing music in the morning, but not straight after waking up. When I finish my breakie and continue to sip on my tea, I put on some chill tunes, mostly indie or something electric like Zhu. The soft melodies and dreamy lyrics always make me feel so relaxed and happy. I do my makeup and I dress up and I listen to music until I’m ready to leave the house. Occasionally I take some selfies if the lighting is good haha. A good selfie can also start your day right.

My fav: Soft indie music like Alt-J, Arctic Monkeys, and soft electro-Zhu is the best. You can also find pretty good chill music and morning playlists on Spotify.

4. Skin care


In the morning I always wash my face with lukewarm water and if I have more time or if its the weekend, I cleanse it with NIP AND FAB teen skin cleanser which leaves my skin poreless and super soft, ready to apply makeup! I also use a moisturizer, such as Garnier Moisture Bomb with pomegranate seeds or a primer to make my skin smooth and to avoid blocking my pores with foundation. It really depends on the type of your skin. Some people need to moisturize and some people are the best left without any products in the morning to let the skin breathe.

Pro tip: Apply a night serum before you go to sleep so you don’t have to in the morning. I use the Kiehl’s midnight recovery serum and it leaves my skin super soft the next day.

5. Stretch


I don’t do this often enough, but I will try my best to stretch more! If I’m going to the gym I do it there, but sometimes a little stretch to get your muscles moving is all you need in the morning. It’s just so hard when it’s cold and rainy. Moving your muscles a bit first thing after waking up will speed up the blood circulation and get your energy flowing.

Pro tip: If you don’t have the time or don’t feel like doing a 7-minute mini yoga sesh, just stretch in the bed while getting up. First, your toes and legs and then arms. When you sit down on your bed stretch your neck and touch your toes with your hands.  You can also stretch while making breakfast or in the shower. Just be careful to not slip and fall.



Applying these small steps and including them in your daily routine really helps to boost your overall mood. If you add a bit (joking, a lot) of sunshine, I transform into a happy buddha sending positive energy in every direction.

And here’s a last small tip from me:

I know it’s pretty hard as we’re living in a digital age, with our phones being closer to our bodies than our lovers nowadays, but try to not jump on your phone first thing in the morning. Your eyes just had a rest and the first thing they see shouldn’t be a bright screen.  Especially when the last thing they saw before going to sleep was the exact same thing. Listen to the sounds of outside, cuddle with bae or sleep a bit more. Do anything that will make you happy. In the end, you choose what makes your day.

With Love, Domi.

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