Re: Cinnamon dusted croissants

I know most of you guys are trying to lose weight gained over the Christmas break and that everyone is back on their grind, going to the gym and rocking healthy lifestyle- avocado shelf in Tesco’s has never felt so empty before.

But then there’s me. While I try to stick to my routine and eat healthily during those winter months, I found myself bored and alone in my home, with a sad doggo watching me switch the light in the kitchen on and off every 30 minutes.

So during those expeditions to the fridge and freezer, and my golden retriever impatiently shifting her head and waiting for a snack to drop on the floor, I found some croissant pre-made dough and decided to bake something yummy. Not that I don’t have like three essays to write.

I didn’t want to make it even “worse” for us health-obsessed, almost sugar-free people by stuffing these babies with Nutella or jam, so I put custard (good after and before work-outs) inside instead. I know that it’s difficult to get the right type of custard in the UK, but in Slovakia, we have soo many types it’s unbelievable. A lot of our traditional meals are prepared with custard and I totally love it! I used a vanilla flavoured custard with raisins, but I adjusted the recipe in case you don’t have this option in your country.

Enjoy this short, super easy recipe for yummy, cinnamon-dusted custard croissants, something unusual you would maybe never think of. A perfect snack for winter days.



One pre-made and pre-rolled croissant dough

one pack of custard- 250g

a handful of raisins

egg yolk

ground cinnamon

powdered sugar

brown sugar


1.In a small bowl, mix together the custard, raisins, one tablespoon of brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon.

2. Cut the dough (sometimes there are pre-made lines in the dough already) into triangles of the same size.

3. Spread the custard mix inside evenly and with the help of a spoon press it down on the dough a little bit so it doesn’t fall out.

4. Take the wider part of the dough and roll it slowly to create a croissant shape.

5.Put into preheated oven for 15 minutes on 185 degrees and bake until lightly golden.

6. Dust with sugar and cinnamon and serve

These babies are best to eat warm and fresh, but they’re also good cold and after a day or two. Ideal if you have a friend coming over for coffee or if you need a quick snack before/ after gym. But to be fair, they taste the best with a soy latte and when you have a shit load of uni work to do.


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