Favourite London spots: Boundary rooftop

It was quite a while ago, I think in November when my boyfriend came to visit me for few days, that I discovered Boundary rooftop.

In a late, dark and slightly chilly afternoon, we were coming back home after a dinner and a couple of drinks with friends in a pub near Shoreditch. I was ready to get home, ready to jump to bed and cuddle cause that’s the effect these winter months have on me, but it was a busy Friday night and I also wished that I had some friends to call, some that would suggest doing something completely spontaneous and fun. Spoiler alert: In London, people work on Friday/weekend nights.

As we were almost about to turn to BoxPark and continue to the station, Lukas (my boyfriend) spotted a rooftop on one of the buildings nearby.(He’s a sucker for good views) Of course, he asked me what it is, thinking I know about every little place in London. But I didn’t.


So we went on a little adventure to find out what the rooftop is and how we can get there. The building is also a hotel and restaurant, so we had to pass through a little reception on the ground floor. After the receptionist checked availability, we were able to take the lift to the top and get a table for two next to the heaters and groups of friends sipping on Veuve Clicquot.

The prices were slightly above the average but the setting definitely makes up for it. The wooden tables and chairs remind you of a laid-back summer pub terrace, but when waiters dressed nicely in white shirts and black ties come to show you the menu, you get a sense of exclusivity.

2017-12-03 23.29.43

We had a couple of drinks- Gin&Tonics of different flavours, types and with different garnish and these were really tasty. Wine and beer won’t take you fancy when you see the interesting cocktail menu. I think one cost around £12 but it was totally worth it. The service is quick and there are snuggly blankets and cushions for everyone if you’re feeling too cold.

The food looked amazing- seafood, salads and different types of charcuterie plates- all smelled so fresh and If I haven’t eaten two hours before, I’d definitely go for the Seabream with pumpkin girolles.

2017-12-03 23.27.23.jpg

The atmosphere was great and the dazzling view of the city even better. You can see the whole of East London and further and it looks amazing in the night sky. I’d definitely recommend Boundary if you’re going for a couple of drinks with friends or a romantic date and really want to impress. And since me and Lukas discovered it together, I think it will stay one of our favourite couple spots forever.

2017-12-03 23.26.24


With Love, Domi.

Boundary rooftop, Shoreditch

2-4 Boundary St, London E2 7DD

Menu can be found at www.boundary.london/ 


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