NEW IN: Essentialle nectars

Essentialle is a new brand on the market inspired by natural living. The three products, each of them for a different type of skin are made using only top quality natural ingredients such as plantago leaf, manuka, tea tree oil, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil and other herbs and extracts. These oil remedies that were introduced last month at a press launch breakfast in Soho are something worth talking about.

They are completely vegan and microbead-free, which is an essential feature of any new beauty brand on the market- not forgetting about our planet and the environment these products come from. They come in compact sizes perfect for traveling and make great gifts for your nature obsessed friends or family members.

I got a sample of each of the products to try out and review (truthfully, not spreading lies just because I got them for free) I’m obsessed with natural skin products, but my busy lifestyle doesn’t allow me to spend long hours on pampering and having home SPA days. Therefore, I find these products perfect- easy and quick to use with an effective outcome.

First of the remedies is for a dry and dehydrated skin. This one smells so nice! So fruity and fresh it will immediately make your day ten times brighter. It perfectly moisturizes the skin and leaves a baby like feeling which you will want to have forever. And with this oil, you definitely can!

The other option for dry, luster skin without life is the second oil of similar nature, but using different ingredients. This one has a similar effect to the previous one, but its suitable for a mixed skin which tends to get dehydrated but shiny at the same time. It nourishes the skin and gets rid of all your shininess while making your skin look naturally healthy by creating a matte effect.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 12.04.36

The last of the three and my favourite one because its best to treat oily and problematic skin is definitely a magic. My skin doesn’t break out but I do have problems with pores and oily spots. While pores are a totally different story and I won’t get to it now, this oil, even though it smells funky to me, cleans my skin and dries it up a little bit, leaving it matte, soft and full of energy, treating the oily spots and getting rid of them immediately. I wake up every morning with a flawless and matte skin, making the putting of foundation so much easier.

The founder of Essentialle, Karina, says she has “made these products for the evolved, modern woman who believes in small rituals and big results. A woman that embraces life and is engaged with the world and nature.” So many women don’t have the time for a daily skin-care routine and these quick to use products come as a solution to our busy lifestyles.

Apply a few drops into your palms and put on your face before going to sleep at least 2 times a week. You’ll see these remedies will act their magic, making you feel great about your complexion again. Trust me.

With Love, Domi.

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