Favourite London spots: Flower market

Flowers make any girl happy, so there’s no wonder they make me happy too. Whether they’re potted, freely growing on an immense field, found underneath the tree trunks in a spooky forest or waiting for me to get home, patiently sitting on the kitchen table in my apartment. Cactuses, Daisies, Lillys, Palms, Tulips, Succulents, I love them all (Even though sunflowers are one of my favourites)

London is a great place for all of us millennials obsessed with houseplants who love decorating our tiny rooms and shared apartments with as many cheap succulents and fresh flowers as we possibly can. Plant shops and florists in the city are expanding and it’s amazing to see so many people wanting to be more connected with nature. Not talking about all the health benefits (whether physical or mental) these leafy friends have on us.


Columbia Road Flower Market it one of the best places to go if you want to buy fresh, affordable flowers or plants from good sources. British flower farmers and urban gardeners come here every Sunday morning to prepare a beautiful game of colours for all the visitors. Sun throws a glittery light on all the exhibited beauties while people look and pick those they want to take home with them. All the flowers are reasonably priced and if you come later in the afternoon, around 3pm, you’ll be able to bargain.



Even if you end up not buying anything, one walk through this lively street will make your day ten times brighter. That’s why it became my happy place. I come here to look, smell and buy happiness, in a sense. Enjoy a soy latte in one of the cute coffee shops on the way or buy some high-class design pots and tools for your garden( whether it restricts itself to the size of your living room, or you’re lucky enough to have a backyard)

Doesn’t matter if it rains, snows or the world is ending, this street will always be here to act as a remedy for a broken heart or a soul.



With Love, Domi.

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