THE 5 pink things for your tanned skin

Let’s start with a warning, that I’m not a beauty blogger and I’ll probably never be. I simply hate watching stories on Instagram in which bloggers are pointlessly picking up products from big cardboard boxes that just arrived at their doorstep, pointing them to the camera and talking about how amazing they are. I mean, if it says that it removes make-up then it probably removes make-up. How difficult that can be right?

Maybe it’s because I just enjoy clothes much better than lotions, masks and mascaras, or because I like to keep secrets and my fav products to myself. Who knows. However, I’ve recently started being much more into cosmetics and looking after my skin than ever before and surprisingly, I also started experimenting with make-up. (This almost never happens as I prefer a natural look to a face overloaded with heavy caked up make-up.)

Since I’ve recently come back from long holidays in South East Asia, I’m still quite tanned and don’t need to wear white clothes to make it obvious. But days are getting darker and the sun is slowly disappearing from the skies, which makes my glowing skin fade away and disappear together with the sun-rays, leaving it white, dead and ice-cold like winter days.

But from my recent window shopping and “touches everything buys nothing” wanders around shopping malls, I picked up a few products which look very good and make you look more tanned than you’re actually are.

Some of you might even think, that this has nothing to do with traveling, but it actually does. If you love tropical destinations and looking good on the go, or having laid-back make-up on the beach/pool, this article is exactly for you.  All the bohemian princesses unite!




Not only I allowed my nails to finally grow to the length accepted by the society, I also started picking up new beauty products in form of lipsticks, lip balms and nail polishes from the shelves of my fav beauty stores. I found out that my still tanned (thank god) skin glows the best when I use pink lipstick on my pout and that my nails look great when coated in this dreamy girly shade.(How did this even happen?) As a person who genuinely hates pink and being “the basic white girl” I was amazed and surprised at the same time, and I just couldn’t help myself, I felt like I needed to share this with everyone. My skin opposed to the pink shades of those products looks like it’s glowing with life, showing off all the long forgotten adventures of summer and I totally love it!

If you still have a hint of tint and you want people to notice you’ll definitely appreciate this article. I also tried to keep a budget in mind as I always do, since this is a blog about boho living on a budget and because I know that most of us nomads and travelers don’t have a lot of money to spare on things other than flight tickets and Airbnb.

So here it is, my fav 5 things which make my life better atm (but probably won’t last long because the tan is slowly disappearing )

1.Nyx pink eyeliner

Black eyeliner is long gone and if you haven’t swopped yours for some other colourful combination, you’re really missing out on life. I’m not saying say goodbye to your favourite, black cat-eye helper, keep it so you can create two-dimensional look together with your new one, but really, go get yourself something less boring right now. This one isn’t a baby pink colour, so it won’t let you feel like a childish little girl. Its shade is bright, lively and playful and will definitely boost up your overall look. No need to combine it with your outfit either.



2.Trend &Co nail polish

(a swap for OPI since I’m a broke student once again) This one is a perfect swap for OPI, which cost around £10, whereas this one only £3. It also lasts pretty long- about a week without chipping off. I surprisingly adore its marshmallowy shade, which looks great on a tanned skin. Add a few silver rings and a light pastel-coloured knitwear and you’ll be the summer princess of autumn.



3.MAC Nicki Minaj edition lipstick 

The number of times I bought a lipstick in MAC and used it once…I can’t help myself I just don’t like how my lips look like with a different colour on than its own. They’re also quite small and therefore wild shades make them look like someone draw a line on my face. But my lovely mom recently encouraged me to buy this one after I curiously tried the new Nicki Minaj range. I think it looks great because it sits somewhere between pink and peachy and isn’t too much in your face. I also only put a small amount on my lips and then smudge it with my finger. This way it gives an effortless, natural look and I can’t stop using it!




 4.NYX matte coat lip balm

MY GO TO LITTLE HELPER! How glad I’m that I found it. You can choose from a large range of colours and shades, which are all named after famous cities. I use the Athens because again as the Nicki Minaj MAC lipstick, its colour is the best combo of orange and pink. Together it creates a shade similar to a summer sunset over the dusty ruins of Athens. This is the only colour that suits me and looks natural. It gives your lips a nice matte effect and lasts for hours. The only bad thing is that I can literally finish one in less than a month. But since they’re not pricey at all, it’s never a problem to buy a new one.


5.PINK Victoria’s Secret Bombshells in Bloom spray

This is obviously not to use on a skin, but it comes in a nice pink bottle and smells amazing. I barely use perfumes during summer, as I don’t consider them essential during the long hot summer days. I much rather use one of VS’s body mists like this one, because they’re lighter and you can re-apply them anytime without smelling too strong. They’re also great for long flights and travels and come in compact 30ml sizes. This is my favourite one.




You can definitely combine all of these together, just make sure to not wear anymore pink than that haha. A black knitwear and jeans, or black jeans and white knitwear or any combination of subtle colours will do just fine. The products are all available in the UK and most of them also in Slovakia (since NYX has just opened its first store in Bratislava) Hope you found this article useful and will return for the next 5 things I use, this time to make your tan last longer. I will tell you about all my secrets such as what food to eat and what vitamins are useful when trying to keep your tan alive for longer!

With Love, Domi.


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