Sparkly eyebrows

Summer is on its way to the town and that’s why it’s time to put on such a long awaiting mask and get your glam on!

I’ve always loved to dress up and create different outfits as well as come up with new beauty hacks for myself, so it’s no wonder that me and glitter are in a great relationship- friends with benefits- more like friends than benefits tho- glitter doesn’t get me free booze when I go out.

Glitter is like my personal essential and I wear it a lot, whether it’s for festivals, themed parties, casual parties or even to go for a couple of Martinis with a friend in the middle of the week. I happily put it on my face, neck, boobs…I could literally cover myself with this sparkly dust and I wouldn’t even care about opinions of all the people who think I’m too extra. Of course I’m extra, haha.

Living in a city, where close-minded people don’t exist, or they’re too afraid to say anything because predominance of edgy fun people with a sense of style is clearly visible, glitter is nothing new. Women, as well as guys, wear it all the time, and when you end up in G-A-Y, you might even get into an argument with someone, for having better glitter design than them.(Yep, talking from my own experiences)

Putting glitter powder or big chunks of sparkly paper on your cheekbones, around your eyes, forehead and body is a classic and everyone loves it. Music festivals are full of human bodies who look like they fell into a pool full of glitz and nowadays you can even get sparkles in your hair and braids. In one sentence: glitter is trending and it will never be bigger than it is now.

All of these glitter combinations are amazing and I love its vibe, but today, I decided that it’s time to do something new and go the extra mile, when making myself look glamorous. Why not try something new and edgy right?

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 18.33.11

Glitter makeup has been on the scene for quite a while now and I love to apply it above my eyeliner or instead of it. To me, it’s a great accessory, better than any necklace or bracelet. But eyebrows have become the center of attention nowadays and us women care for them (sometimes) more than anything else on our face. “Brows on fleek” comment is an ultimate win, whether you get it from your friend, customer at work, or sales assistant in Urban Outfitters, when you’re shopping for overpriced mesh tees and Tommy Hilfiger bras. That’s why bomb brows, good make-up and fancy glitters go together like peanut butter and jelly go with toast.

As seen in famous catwalks and world-class magazine editorials, the trend is asking to be spread around the world, to all fashion and beauty enthusiasts like me and you. The palette for glitter eyebrows and makeup is nude, dominating with sweet pink and beige colours and is overly summery (If such a thing as overly summery exists). Your eyebrows have to catch attention, but they shouldn’t hide all your brow hair. Imagine that you’re a bohemian princess living on a hot island and you’re going for a midnight dip under the moon. What type of glitter would you wear?

Make sure your eyebrows aren’t standing out too much as they should look more natural, so there’s no need to spend an hour in front of the mirror, battling with and sharpening your eyebrow pencil. Half of them will be covered in the sparkly fairy flakes anyway.

Apply the glitter with tweezers or hands, but be careful to not put too much as you want to achieve an effortless effect and not look like you came from Burning Man. I used a glue for eyelashes and it worked perfectly! It doesn’t matter what colours and type of glitter you use, just try to think of it as an accessory which needs to be styled according to your outfit. Stars, hearts, big chunks, powder or classic round-shaped glitters, it’s totally up to you and you can get wild and mix them up together.

Being flamboyant is trending, so why not pick up the tiny flask of fairy dust and try something new today?


With Love, Domi.

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