Fishnet tights; the trend of the moment.

Do you own a pair? Why not?Do you think you will look slutty? Think again. Fishnet tights are the hottest trend of the moment. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Even though they have been in the eyes of fashion bloggers and all edgy girls for quite a while now, many people still mistake this Tumblr trend for being hoey and “easy to get”.

It’s true that fishnet tights were and still are often seen on prostitute and tramps in movies. That’s why they’ve been always associated with “slutty look”. This gives them the spark of eroticism, as well as criticism. Many people and mostly the older generation might think that by wearing them we are being vulgar (my granny would certainly not be happy if I showed up to her Sunday lunch wearing a pair). However, in recent months it has become one of the most fashionable trends among young women.

Pia Mia, the American singer and song-writter claims, that she was the one who originally brought this trend to life, as her Instagram is full of posts of her wearing them with different outfits. A few months ago she tried to prove her point by posting a picture on her IG with a caption “TB to 2015” to show everyone that she was the one who invented this style, a way long time before we, mere mortals started noticing it. Whether it was her idea or not, we’ll never find out, but we certainly know that it gives her the joy to wear as few clothes as possible, with whale fishnet tights being a key piece in a lot of her outfits (she just loves being naked I guess).

screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-11-23-53 screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-11-25-09

Pia Mia and Tumblr might be the reasons for this trend to spread so quickly, to all different parts of the world. Now I (unfortunately) see them everywhere I go. And not only High Street retailers, but also big fashion names such as Jeremy Scott have included them in their collections. I say unfortunately because just like with every other trend, fishnet tights have come from being original to being basic and this always makes me a bit sad. However, even despite their popularity, the high condensation of fishnets in the streets won’t spoil them for me.They are trendy, edgy and add a bit of eroticism and fun in your outfit. Fishnet tights make everything look a bit sexier, and who on the planet doesn’t want that?

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From what I’ve heard and known, guys love them too and consider them very hot. I remember dressing up for a party in front of my boyfriend, desperately trying to put the tangled tights on my legs while he was doing something on the computer. He didn’t even notice me struggling with them, until I finally managed to get them on. Suddenly he gave me that look, you know, he didn’t even realize I was planning on wearing them underneath my ripped jeans that night. Three minutes later and my tights had more holes in them than they were supposed to. What remained of them was one pile of nylon, clumsily dumped in the middle of the room.”You said they cost you 1 pound right?” “Yeah” I giggled. “Well, I advise you to get more of them then.”

The only thing to keep in mind is, that when it comes down to styling, you must be very careful how you combine them with other clothing. Since they uncover more flesh than usual tights, be careful to not show what you don’t mean to. For me, they are like a fun accessory and I love wearing them with ripped jeans or cullots rather than a dress or skirt (maybe cause I am genuinely a “trousers girl”).

The ultimate guide to fishnet tights:

Where to get them?

For a while, it’s been quite hard to get them, but the trend spread very quickly and now you can find them almost anywhere.Asos, Urban Outfitters and Topshop are the main places to search for these tights and socks, but you can get them cheaper in pantyhose stores, Primark and on eBay (I got them from eBay for 1 pound).

What type and colour?

Well, you can never go wrong with black, and it’s also the most common color among these type of tights. White is the second most popular colour on the market. If you wish to enliven your outfit, then you can also reach for red, purple or blue (when looking for different colours, try google or aliexpress).


When it comes to types, as far as I know there are three different types of tights. Extra small holes, medium holes and large holes, often called whale tights. The once I wear are medium and large/whale. I don’t recommend you buying the small ones because most of the time people won’t be able to tell whether they are fishnet or normal black tights. And you certainly want to get noticed right?

The only problem with them is, that it takes ages to put them on.I’ve ripped mine already because I was in a hurry and I wasn’t be patient. Also, when you’re taking them off, in your room, drunk in the middle of the night, try to be gentle.(I know that’s impossible because you want to get in your bed already, but trust me, tt’s sooo easy to rip them). Also, the next time you’ll want to wear them and they will be laying in your drawer, tangled together in a small little ball, you won’t be very happy.

How to style them?

You can wear them however you want. Under your ripped or ankle jeans, under shorts, with dress, skirts and combined with trainers or boots. One of the common trends is also to raise them above your belly and cover it with see-through t-shirt or crop top.( if you’re lucky enough to have skinny stomach)

If you can’t be bothered with tights, you can also try fishnet socks. They are much more easier to put on and take off, and have a similar effect if you want to wear them under your jeans or cullots ; super edgy.

So what? Are you ready to do some fishing?

Me wearing my Asos fishnet socks under ankle jeans.


Black fishnet tights from Ebay with my palazzo pants.


Black fishnet tights under my ripped black jeans.


My friend @bozienka and her white tights.


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photo credits: @piamia, Tumblr, @bozienka and me @dominnie

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