Bohemian Winter Bunny

How to maintain a perfect, sun-kissed boho look when the temperatures drop below zero, and the sun is no longer to be seen.

Are you one of those people like me who just hate winter? While everyone gets excited for holidays and Christmas, New Year’s eve and days spent inside with hot chocolate and fuzzy blankets you are holding in tears because you’d rather hibernate and wake up once its warm again. I feel you. No, I seriously do. I am jealous of all the people living in Hawaii and on little islands surrounded by the ocean, where the sun almost never goes to sleep.

Whenever I tell my mom I’d like to spend the next winter holidays in an exotic country, she responds to me that it’s not traditional and that snow and low temperatures come together with the magic of winter. Well, when it comes to my opinion, I am sure no one would spot the difference between decorating a palm tree and a conifer. We could wear Santa hats and drink eggnog….while laying on the beach, being tan, skinny and beautiful.And we wouldn’t have to wear so many clothes when going out of the house.Right?

As my attitude suggests, my wardrobe in winter yawns in emptiness. All I wear is black, white and gray, big chunky sweaters and scarfs and one pair of boots- if it’s too cold to wear sneakers. On the other hand, winter in London offers more options regarding the clothes you can wear, because the temperatures during the day don’t go as far as -10, so at the end, styling does’t necessary need to be so difficult as you imagine it to be.

I know it’ s a bit of a struggle to dress nicely in the winter, because we barely undress and therefore we wear whatever we feel like, sometimes even pajama top in my case, under our big jackets, scarfs, hats, ear warmers, and gloves.So that makes it even harder to dress bohemian and summery in winter and put your own shiny personality into your outfit.

If you’ve ever experienced this problem and already accepted that you will be looking boring throughout the whole winter, while also feeling depressed until the end of February, you might want to find out how to tackle this problem now.

Considering myself being a boho girl, who just like many of you, feels the winter depression is affecting the way you look, I decided not to give in, but to fight against it.In this post,  I put together the ultimate boho must-have clothes and accessories, that will spark up your whole outfit and make you feel a bit more summery, with a budget in mind of course.


Scarves are a total must in winter!Not only they keep you warm, they also put a bit of glam in your look.For a bohemian inspired outfit, you should go for one which is colorful or has tassels at the ends.For more coziness choose a big chunky “blanket” scarf.

boho-scarf  boho-scarf  screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-16-13-28

  1. tassel ornated scarf, Forever 21, 9£
  2. oversized blanket scarf, Urban Outfitters, 26£
  3. oversized Aztec scarf with tassels, Asos, 22£

2.Rings and accessories

Even though most of the time these parts of your body stay hidden in winter, you certainly don’t wear gloves or scarf when you’re inside, perhaps having a drink with a friend, or listening to a lecture in uni. Things like chokers, rings or necklaces are a beautiful addition to your look, they don’t cost much and can brighten up your whole outfit. I own more than 50 rings, sadly I often forget to put them on before I leave the house.

boho-choker  flower-bracelet  normal_tribal-ring-set

1.Tan choker, Pretty Little Thing, 5£

2.Fabric flower bracelet, 5£

3. Ring set, Not on the high street, 10£


I have to say, I am an owner of only a few hats because it is very easy for me to loose them. I only have one of each type and I wear them very occasionally. However, hats are perfect to cover your bad hair day and to protect you from rain, snow and losing body warmth.If you already have some bohemian features in your outfit, you can choose one of a basic color such as beige or black, and if you want to warm up your look, try a wild colorful combination.

screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-14-42-32  screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-14-51-22  screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-14-57-08

  1. New Look, 10£
  1. Knit beanie hat, Asos, 8£
  1.  Beanie hat, Free People,40£


Boho bags are my ultimate favorite item!But in winter I often wear my kanken rucksack or big bag where I can fit my laptop and all things. If you’re only carrying few necessities with you and you’re not about to spend a night at your crush’s house, choose one of the small options listed below. Decorated with tassels, pom-poms and embroidery, these funky bags will take you to an exotic island and let you reminiscing of summer.

indian-bag  boho-bag  boho-tassel-bag

1.Indian style bag,, 25£

2.Beaded bucket bag, on sale in Zara right now, 15£- my total must have

3.Tassel bag, Zara, 12,99£


As I mentioned previously, I am very bad when it comes to shoes. As every normal woman, I should own like 50 of them, sneakers, heels, boots, rain boots, sandals, flip-flops, and god knows what else. As a big lover of sneakers, I barely buy any other shoes for spring, autumn or winter. Sneakers for life.The only winter boots I have are my timbs and vagabond boots which I totally adore. Luckily, if you choose good colors, any shoe can be considered bohemian, so you really can’t go wrong with anything.( And I’ve always wanted a pair of HUNTER boots)

38966982_020_d  32251126_066_d  28868768_001_b

1.Timberlands, Timberland, 138£

2.Boots, Urban Outfitters, 58£

3.Hunter rain boots, Hunter, 70-100£

Here are three ideas of how you can combine these pieces with other clothes in case you need more inspiration for your look.

“The Black Indie” look


“The perfect Boho girl” look


“The City girl boho” look


I hope you found this post useful and inspirational and you will come back to my blog for another fashion post coming next week!

Don’t forget to share and comment 🙂

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