The perfect bohemian room INSPO

I am pretty sure many of you are dreaming about creating the perfect bohemian bedroom in your(or your parent’s) house, the one like the ones you see on the Urban Outfitters Instagram page, or when you’re browsing Anthropologie website.(price of one thing equals the value of one of my kidneys)Beautiful rugs and blankets with tassels, pom pom decorations, and mosquito nets as well as your own swing, yes we would all want to have them…However, when you click on the link in UO Instagram’s bio and decide to take a look at those dreamy, colorful decorations and furniture, you very quickly realize that you would have to spend a fortune to make your room look like that. (and Pinterest isn’t helping either.)

This is something that used to haunt me for a very long time, so I always tried to find similar things cheaper on eBay or amazon. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but it certainly helped me to better understand the real price of things.

Take for example a Moroccan style rug. In Urban Outfitters, this rug would be sold for at least 150 pounds and its origin would definitely not be Morocco. In fact, the only thing the rug and Morocco would have in common would be its warm colors and prints often used in Africa on clothes and furniture. These rugs are extremely cheap there because Morocco is famous for its extensive textile industry, so paying 150 pounds for a piece of textile you can get much cheaper and original just doesn’t seem like a right choice for me. Now I finally understand my mom, who always used to tell me what is worth buying and what isn’t.(She certainly hates Urban Outfitters because of it selling expensive vintage pieces she used to wear (and make) when she was a teenager.)

Same with room decorations that you can make in under one hour from things found in your household or bought in a shop cheaply. Etsy sells wooden jewelry hangers for 30 quid, while you can just find a piece of wood laying outside your house, drill some holes in it and make your own hanger for only a few pounds.(I will be putting a DIY tutorial soon.)

I understand that stores such as Urban Outfitters aren’t “that pricey” for people who earn a good amount of money in their full-time job and that there are many other, more expensive design shops selling bohemian furniture at unreasonable prices, but I believe there is also a different way to make your room look like in those pictures.And you can save your money for other things, perhaps for traveling. You will appreciate this if you’re a student like me or a wandering soul who is still trying to figure out where in world is your place.

Since I am currently decorating my London apartment where I live with a friend of mine, I am willing to spend some extra money on decorations to make it look more bohemian and chick.On the other hand, I don’t want to spend a lot of money for a flat which is not mine, and from which I might have to move out in the future. DIY ideas are the ultimate compromise! That’s why I have started making my own decorations. I will try to regularly write posts with DIY tips and instructions on how to make your little dreamy place more fairy and unique and where to buy things you thought were unaffordable or not possible to be found.

For now, enjoy following pictures and take some inspiration for your room and stay tuned for my next post.Hint- it will include plants hanging in the air.





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