Meet me

Hello guys!

My name is Dominika and I am a Journalism and Film student from Slovakia, currently living in London. As a media student, there are always some ideas popping up in the back of my mind, which I feel constant urge to share with people, or with my scrapbook/laptop. After I got back to London from my summer holidays that lasted 3 months, and reality kicked me in my tanned chunky face, I realised I haven’t really done nothing productive this summer( besides traveling and completing one internship in T.V) Laying on my bed in my new( not actually new tho) and empty apartment in Islington, scrolling through UO website ( I was looking at furniture this time), I came up with an idea to start a blog, following many other people I know and among them my fellow classmates who are already “at home” in the blogging world.

It wasn’t just like that…

To be 100 percent honest with you, I’ve had a blog before which was dedicated to fashion, health, beauty and lifestyle, but I recently decided to shut it down. Not that I didn’t want to write about these topics anymore, I just realized that my writing style has progressed and I want to focus on a more niche area of my interest.

So why are you reading this right now?

There is nothing I enjoy more than traveling, living the “hippie” “bohemian” lifestyle and sharing it on social media in the form of pictures and features. I kinda believe I was a mermaid in my previous life and that I was supposed to be born in Hawaii or Indonesia- I just favor the ocean life.I follow many bohemian chicks, surfer girls and wanderers on Instagram and their blogs and they have been a huge inspiration to me. In following years I want to travel as much as possible because even though I like studying and focusing on my future career, nothing can soothe my heart and mind as good as going places and seeing the world.This year has been an example of that, and I can’t wait to share my stories with you.

The other thing that inspired me to set up my blog is, how expensive all the boho bloggers make traveling sound! Staying in luxury hotels in Bali, traveling to Dubai, wearing expensive clothes and spending a fortune on apartment decorations.Some of them simply don’t get what bohemian and more precisely nomad life actually means.

My blog will be eco-friendly, yoga loving and relaxed place for all of you, spiritual human beings who live or dream to live by the ocean, aren’t afraid of adventures and mostly, you are joyful, happy and self-loving creatures.I’ll include a budget with every of my posts, because I want to show you that traveling, fashion and interior design don’t have to suck all your money from you. There are so many things you can make yourself, instead of buying them and if you properly plan your trip(I’ll help), it can be the best experience of your life!

I hope you guys will like it and appreciate my passion for life and this beautiful moving rock that we all live on.I’ll try my best to entertain you with my posts, infect you with my positive energy and always bring something inspirational into your life

If you want, you can also follow my Instagram @dominnie for more pictures.


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